Winter Safety

Posted: 1/3/18

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Are You Working Safely?

Do you feel as if you are conducting safe workplace techniques? Do you think you could be doing things to make your work environment safer? By taking extra precautions, we have the ability to take initiative and make work safe. It is our responsibility to act safely whether it be at work, home or on the road. With winter quickly approaching, and in some places already having set up camp, we need to consider winter safety. 

Safety at Work

Winter causes many problems, especially when it comes to slipping. Slips and trips happen throughout all four seasons, but winter poses more of a threat because of the falling temperatures. From a company standpoint, we need to make sure we provide a work environment where our employees can perform their job safely and efficiently. Removing snow from all areas helps keep our employees from slipping or falling. Clearing parking lots, sidewalks and all other walkways makes sure your employees have a clear path to go to and from the building or site. Along with snow, we need to make sure there is not an overabundance of ice that is built up in any area. Any spots that are icy should be salted to ensure it melts and is not causing anyone to slip. When an ice patch is identified, there should be a caution sign placed at the time salt is put down. This is going to warn employees to watch their step and to proceed cautiously.

Employer Responsibilities

It is our responsibility as an employer to provide a safe workplace. By examining work environment conditions, we are staying involved. By being involved we are going to personally know that everything is how it should be and is safe for the employees working in the area. If an accident were to happen we need to make sure we keep records or all work-related injuries and illnesses. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were a little over 2 million nonfatal work-related injuries in 2016 alone. If we take the time as employers and employees to have a safe work environment, we can reduce the numbers of work related injuries.

Employee Responsibilities

Whether we work inside or outside there are winter safety steps we need to take in order to avoid injuries. Those of us who work outside need to become aware of our surroundings constantly throughout the day. If there are any spots that look slick, we need to take note, so we can avoid any accidents. Again, putting up caution signs and eliminating slick spots can reduce accidents. Working outside, we need to take care of our personal health as well. With temperatures that can reach into the negatives, we need to protect ourselves from frostbite and hypothermia. Add an extra layer to keep warm, cover your face to keep cold air from entering your lungs, causing respiratory issues. Even if we work inside we still need to take steps to be safe. When you are coming in and out of your facility, check your surroundings. Be sure to avoid any slick areas and report them to your building manager if there are any.

Are You Prepared?

Now you have some things to think about when making your work environment a safer place. We have the ability to take those extra steps, so let’s get out there and keep ourselves and others safe.

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