Heritage Waste Solutions (HWS) offers safe and secure landfill disposal of hazardous waste.

Everybody enjoys the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a service or product they use is of the highest quality. It should be no different when it comes to disposing of hazardous waste in a landfill. That is why we are pleased to offer our customers the option to dispose of their hazardous waste in a secure, permitted RCRA Subtitle C landfill. Our goal is to manage your long term risk while providing you with industry-best practices, waste handling expertise and regulatory knowledge. Our hazardous waste landfill disposal services give you access to the highest quality landfill disposal option defined by its exceptional compliance and safety history and strong industry reputation. Additionally, our landfill disposal capabilities are bolstered by our access to a nationwide rail and truck transportation network. Here is a list of some of the wastes we typically accept:

  • PCB remediation wastes
  • PCB bulk product wastes
  • Hazardous LDR compliant wastes
  • Remediation soils
  • Heavy metal contaminated wastes
  • Sediments from dredging
  • CAMU eligible wastes
  • Demolition debris
  • Waste treatment residues



Treatment Capabilities

Chemical stabilization of metal contaminated soil is a sustainable and economically attractive remediation technology. Through chemical stabilization, mobile metal chemical species are transformed into less mobile ones, thus reducing the risk of heavy metal transport from contaminated soil to the landfill leachate. Operated by our strategic alliance partner, the RCRA TSD facility specializes in treatment of inorganic heavy metal contaminated soils. Contaminants that can be treated include lead, arsenic, chromium, and cadmium.

HWS can also perform micro-encapsulation of contaminated debris.