To Improve Safety Today, I …

Posted: 12/13/19

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Safety is of the utmost importance in our industry, and that’s why it’s one of our core values – we conduct business under the principle of “Safe and Compliant or Not at All.” To further prioritize safety and keep it top of mind for our employees, our COO, Ernie Walker, created a new safety initiative in October. The idea is to write down one thing you did today to improve safety, either for yourself or those around you.

We distributed Post-It note pads with the phrase “To Improve Safety Today, I…” to every office, plant, transportation terminal, and service center across the country. Over the last two months, we’ve collected some of our favorite safety note submissions, which we’ve shared below. They may seem like small actions, but every step is important when it comes to safety and writing them down helps to maintain a safety mindset.

What have you done to improve safety today?

Some of our favorites so far:

  • Stayed a safe distance from trucks when passing
  • Will be aware of my surroundings and obey posted signage
  • Put a snow brush and snow emergency kit in the car (sleeping bag, shovel, winter coat, boots, etc.)
  • Made sure to pack steel toed boots and high visibility safety vest for site visit
  • Moved a wood pallet with protruding nails out of the walkway while visiting a customer site
  • Wore rubber soled shoes to as to not slip on the ice

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