How We Do It

Heritage has extensive experience in managing and treating wastewater for a wide variety of industries.

At multiple facilities, we have a successful history of working effectively with customers and regulatory agencies to satisfy your sustainability goals. At Heritage, our treated and tested wastewater is released back to the local POTW for another layer of treatment before reuse. We can handle your wastewater in a variety of containers from drums, totes, tankers, and even rail cars.

Our Impact

Billions of gallons per day of treated wastewater are reclaimed to meet non-potable water needs in the U.S.

At our Arkansas TSDF, our state-of-the-art technology allows us to separate high BTU materials from wastewater streams. These materials then become part of our waste-derived fuels program providing an alternative energy source for cement kilns.

Our Commitment

A Supplier That Matches Your Sustainable Brand

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    Clear regulatory compliance. Clear benefits. Clear choice.

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    Know that your wastewater has been treated, tested, and continues to provide beneficial use.

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    Assured pollution prevention and decreased freshwater diversion to meet local non-potable water needs.

Wastewater Treatment

Heritage - a supplier that matches your sustainable brand.

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