How We Do It

Heritage is a logistics provider that brings its own truck and rail equipment, as well as Heritage-owned end disposal facilities, to the team.

  • Intermodal Fleet Statistics

    Articulated intermodal railcars, able to carry 6 loaded containers with a gross weight capacity up to 424,000 lbs

    For unique projects, intermodal containers can be converted to be roll-off capable with adaptable sleds

    Gasketed, strong & tight, forklift-compatible intermodal containers

    More than 1,000 open-top intermodal ISO containers (20 ft x 8 ft x 6.5 ft, 28 cu yd capacity, Polypropylene-tarped)

    Hard-top 20 ft intermodal containers, gasketed flip-lids, NESHAP compliant

  • Intermodal Support Equipment

    Intermodal container top-picks

    Spreader bars (used to convert cranes into intermodal lifts)

    Bridger-style chassis trailers

    Containers on pin chassis have the capacity to haul equivalent payloads to conventional dump trailers

    No risk of open-air transfers

    Transport material even when service is not available at the ultimate origin or destination

    Ultimate benefit is all material is transported, by rail, to or from rail transload facilities safely, compliantly, and cost-effectively

  • Customized Rail Services

    Provide planning, rail management, equipment, and personnel to transport large volumes of material via nationwide rail network

    Set up temporary transload facility with simple crane operation for small volumes

    Design and implement a high-capacity rail terminal for large volumes

    Full-scale intermodal transload operations positioned in: Wellsville, OH; Indianapolis and Frankfort, IN; Chicago, IL; Nashua, NH; and Staten Island, NY, to meet specific customer needs in addition to being aligned with Heritage treatment and disposal assets

Our Impact

Heritage Strategic Projects Group

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC (Heritage) is a national Transportation and Disposal company specializing in the disposal of bulk hazardous waste.

Within Heritage, there is a focused and dedicated Strategic Projects Group (H-SPG). H-SPG offers multiple rail, barge and truck modalities for shipping waste to key Heritage-owned and operated disposal facilities.

H-SPG is a vital partner for your next Remediation Project. H-SPG can fit seamlessly on your site hierarchy. H-SPG knows how to work for and with a Remedial Contractor but understands the delicate balance between the Contractor, Generator, and Consulting Engineer team. H-SPG has the expertise to be a strategic partner on the team, without overstepping its role, to provide logistics for the transportation and disposal of your hazardous remediation waste.

Our Commitment

Provide transportation and disposal solutions to our KEY disposal facilities using our extensive regulatory and remediation knowledge to assure a safe, compliant, and contractually complete project to our customers on time and within budget.

When you are working with Heritage, you are working directly with the end disposal facility and our dedicated logistics team.

Heritage utilizes a combination of truck and rail strategies to enable cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the transportation of RCRA hazardous or PCB contaminated soil, debris, or sediment to our TSDFs. Multimodal logistic strategies will facilitate long-distance moves using Heritage-owned and controlled assets which includes trucks, intermodal rail equipment, and gondola railcars. Shipping by rail significantly reduces the amount of CO2 emissions when compared to trucking and helps to foster sustainable green remediation strategies.

In the last decade, Heritage has become a recognized leader in the transportation of hazardous and TSCA waste materials by rail, shipping well over a million tons. We have the experience and expertise to design a logistics strategy for your project, and as a rail shipper and direct customer of the Class 1 railroads, we can do it efficiently and cost-effectively.

With the same principle as an aircraft carrier, the Heritage intermodal rail fleet can be deployed to a nearby rail-served locale within proximity of the origin point for the project.

H-SPG provides experienced representatives to manage your waste in a streamlined, compliant, and cost-effective manner. Other T&D companies want to provide remediation services combined with transportation and disposal. H-SPG does not compete for the construction work but instead, focuses specifically on the T&D while at the same time understanding the challenges of remediation. H-SPG representatives focus on T&D and don’t have the distractions of having to sell multiple services, which leads to less responsiveness.

Direct Line to Strategic Heritage Flagship Facilities

Heritage owns and operates numerous disposal facilities, including RCRA Stabilization, Subtitle C Landfill, and RCRA Incineration. Heritage representatives focus on T&D of TSCA remediation waste and RCRA hazardous waste only! This makes for responsive feedback on your next project. H-SPG provides veteran representatives to your site—not inexperienced entry-level reps.

Multi-Modal Capabilities

H-SPG manages a mature network of intermodal, gondola, truck, and barge modalities and can provide an array of transportation options. H-SPG often utilizes both gondola and intermodal transport options simultaneously from a single remediation site to assure no downtime and keep projects running on time and on budget.

Heritage prides itself on being a teammate.

Let our experts help streamline your next challenging disposal project.

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