How We Do It

One of our most popular Onsite Service options is our Environmental Assistance Program (EAP).

EAP engages directly with diverse customers’ different needs.

The output is tailored to environmental services. We design fully customized hazardous and non-hazardous waste management programs that take all the specific operational and logistics factors into account. We devise and implement plans that support customers in key areas including material and waste tracking, laboratory chemical moves, auditing, and waste management. All services are fully backed up by our nationwide logistic and route system.

Our Design, Build and Operate Services Program offers the optimum combination of onsite convenience and a cost-effective operating model. Faced with the toughest environmental challenges, we’ll build, own, operate, and maintain a specialized unit, but it will be located on the customer’s property. This is a highly successful model that today is working on multiple sites around the country. Our customers receive the ultimate continuity of high-quality service while being freed up to focus on their core business. Specific operational examples include solutions for Electric Arc Furnace Dust, Delisting, Wastewater Treatment, Steel Slag, Pickle Liquor Treatment, and Industrial Waste and Cleaning. And we also offer Sustainability Programs for byproducts.

Heritage’s Onsite Services don’t exclusively support long-term requirements. We can also respond to a sudden need for customer-based expertise.

For example, in the aftermath of a recent major oil spill, the customer contacted us to help with an emergency situation. We were able to place 20 specialist personnel on the ground the next morning, assembling teams from an area encompassing Toledo and Louisville, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. Our coordinated response ensures that the right people arrive on-site rapidly and that containment action begins as quickly as possible.

All through the Heritage organization, our reason for coming to work each day is to help turn big challenges into even bigger opportunities to solve problems. This approach is crystallized in our Onsite Services Program’s range. Challenge us today to respond with Better Visibility, Better Solutions, and Proven Impact to your environmental services needs. You’ll discover unique advantages across the spectrum, from routine removal of non-hazardous waste to cutting-edge reclaim of valuable raw materials from previously discarded byproducts. We are responsive, reality-driven, and fully ready to help your operation achieve and maintain sustainability and full compliance. Now get in touch and discover what we can do for you.

Our Impact

Right By Your Side

Since environmental challenges never pick convenient times to require attention, Heritage offers expertise onsite to meet your needs. We know budgets are tight, and EHS staffing is not what it used to be. Our program is here to fill any full-time or part-time needs you may have. For some customers, that means handling the day-to-day paperwork, daily inspections, labeling material for transport, and creating waste management reports. Heritage can provide required or voluntary audits.

Our Environmental Assistance Program is staffed with skilled personnel that will assist you and your company in meeting every need. We can provide full-time and complete regulatory compliance for your facility or your entire company. We start by identifying your needs and then address them by placing the right experts directly into your operation.

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    Hundreds of thousands of man-hours from Heritage employees performing onsite management at customer facilities annually.

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    Start with the right data solutions to measure and manage your wastestreams.

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    By your desk and on your side, our onsite personnel will help you uncover efficiencies and cost savings.

Our experts can help you design, build, and operate a program from scratch. Discover what Heritage can do for you.

Our Commitment

We’re on customer sites every day, addressing problems and implementing solutions. “Partnership” is talked about very often in business.

It’s less often that it really works out. Onsite Services from Heritage are one very strong instance of real partnership in action. We design, tailor, and implement a range of onsite environmental solutions that directly reflect each unique requirement. Our programs become an integral part of the customer’s day-to-day operations. Our people work alongside customer personnel, applying their expertise and experience right where it’s most needed. The result is assured continuity. In some instances, we have been on-site for over 20 years. This gives us a detailed perspective on our customer’s needs and the best ways to fulfill them.

“One of our long-running Onsite Services projects involves sending 20 Heritage specialists to work with the customer every day, with another 20 on standby. We run treatment processes that we first built in the early ‘90s. Those processes are ready for a refresh, so our research group talked with the customer about the options for putting new ones in. We love to do that. We love to be on customer sites every day and help them with their problems because you get that great relationship.”

Onsite Resource Personnel

Get our onsite services on your side today.

Our experts can help you design, build, and operate a program from scratch.

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