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Treating Inorganic Waste

This is the service that started our environmental legacy.

Every day, Heritage continues to receive thousands of tons of hazardous, non-regulated, universal, and non-hazardous waste. Each shipment is a new opportunity to reclaim, reuse, detoxify or lastly, dispose. Heritage acts as a total solution, not just a waste disposal company, managing your downstream permitted water discharge and filtercake landfilling, all included in one invoice.

Anywhere in the United States, Heritage can manage your wastestreams across multiple recycling, treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

Our experts don’t rest until every avenue has been exhausted to make your waste as safe as possible. We take pride in the visibility, solutions, and impact we offer every customer – large or small.

Our Impact

What Heritage Can Do For You

Our RCRA TSD facilities specialize in heavy metal contaminants in wastewaters and solids, alike. Though capable of treatment and disposal of nearly any wastestream you may have, some of the more common types we deal with are:

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    Cyanide liquids, solids, & sludges

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    Encapsulation of heavy metal contaminated debris

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    Stabilization of heavy metals in soils filtercakes, & sludges

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    Corrosive Liquids & Solids

Getting Your Waste To Heritage

If you have already arranged transportation of your wastestream, Heritage will accept most of the common container types, including drums, buckets, totes, bulk containers, and even rail cars. To inquire about a specific waste type or container, please contact us and one of our experts will help you figure out the details.

Alternatively, Heritage will transport your wastestream for you, either one time or at regular intervals. We maintain a large fleet of road and rail equipment and can find the right sized solution for your transportation so that you don’t pay more than you need to.

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Our Commitment

Getting the most reuse out of every unit of waste we manage.

At Heritage, we’ve adopted a method that exhausts every available technique of getting the most reuse out of every unit of waste we manage. This method seeks to minimize your wastestreams, reclaim any materials we can, and finally detoxify the rest, before disposing in the safest way possible. Here’s how it works:

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Inorganic Waste Treatment

With Heritage you can trust your wastestreams are in good hands.

Get the expertise you need to assure the right choice.

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