Safety Director Jim Mangas Honored for Life-Saving CPR

Posted: 3/12/21

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In the Fall of 2019, Safety Director Jim Mangas was out to eat with his family when he heard a commotion from the next booth. A man requested his help, his mother was in distress and her face was turning blue. Jim couldn’t find a pulse and she wasn’t breathing. As onlookers called 911, he began performing CPR, and within minutes her color improved. By the time the paramedics arrived she was talking.

Last night, Jim received the Fire Chief’s Medal of Honor from the Sidney Fire Department. He was able to meet her and her family during the ceremony held in Sidney, Ohio.

“I hope it motivates other people to get training,” said Jim. “I’ve done CPR many times before as a paramedic, in this case it was in front of my family, eating lunch after church. Being prepared matters.”


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