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Posted: 3/13/17

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About Rineco

Rineco is an innovative waste management company centrally located in Haskell, Arkansas, 30 miles Southwest of Little Rock. The site is situated on 273 acres of heavy industrial zoned land.  The company was founded in 1986 for the purpose of developing regulated waste fuel blending.  Through the use of a solid and liquid blending process, Rineco manufactures waste-derived fuel that is used as an alternate fuel source to replace coal and natural gas in cement kilns.  This is a safe and effective method of recovering the energy value in waste and helps conserve our planet’s finite natural resources.   Nearly 20 cement kilns throughout the U.S. use regulated waste as a supplemental fuel.  This is covered under U.S. EPA’s Boiler and Industrial Furnace (BIF) regulations.  Strict compliance with feed rates, temperatures, and stack testing must be followed in order to use this material as fuel.  Since nearly 60″ of the cost of manufacturing cement is in the fossil fuels needed to produce temperatures of 3000°F, this is a very important factor in the process.  By reusing industrial wastes in cement kilns, generators are given an environmentally sound option for disposing of their waste, natural resources are conserved, and cement is produced at reduced prices.

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was founded on the “Cradle to Grave” philosophy. Rineco utilizes that same philosophy by tracking all waste streams processed in our facility from point of generation to final disposal site. This ensures waste materials are managed safely and in compliance with all regulations.   We are fully permitted and committed to minimizing risk and liability by providing safe and efficient waste material handling.

Safety and Compliance

Years of innovative technology has made Rineco the industry leader we see today.  Our uniqueness lies in the ability to receive many different kinds of containerized waste.  Liquids, solids, or industrial trash type materials are all brought into our facility every day.  Drums, totes, and even bulk tanker trucks are all ways that waste can be shipped to us. We have a piece of equipment or process that will safely and efficiently handle any type of material.  Our programs allow us to handle wastes such as regulated waste water, solvents, paints, washes, resins, cosmetics, printing inks and refinery waste.  We can also process tough sludges and even rock-hard solids.  Examples of these solids include: visquine, towels, gloves, empty containers, rags, filter cartridges, rubber boots and reacted epoxy resins.  Rineco accepts waste material in any DOT approved shipping container, from individual paint cans to roll-offs.  Before we accept any waste, we profile and carefully analyze it to ensure complete compatibility with our processes and with all regulations.  It is screened for pesticides, PCB’s, halogen content and much more.

To ensure absolute compliance, the philosophy behind Rineco’s internal tracking system is the same “cradle to grave” concept as RCRA.  When waste materials arrive at our facility, samples are analyzed to ensure conformity with the profile and identified via an individual bar-code identification label.  Each label tracks a specific container throughout the blending process and allows us to document the final disposal destination of your material.

Our facility management takes the safety of our employees and visitors very seriously.  We practice multiple levels of safety assurances from hazard communications to the inertion process.  Safety starts with profile generation and continues to the final destination of destruction at the kiln.

Some of our safety features include:

  • All employees receive three days of training prior to involvement in operations. Training is a continuous process in the plant
  • ¼ inch welded steel overlay on the concrete floor in all production areas
  • Safety showers, portable eye washes, firefighting measures available in work areas
  • All machinery is equipped with O2 analyzers with interlocks and infrared cameras for heat detection
  • All machinery is also inerted with CO2 and cannot operate unless the inerting level is deemed safe. In case of emergency, the machines can be flooded with CO2
  • Blending equipment has overfill alarms with valve closures and automatic shut-down. All are vented to the TOU (Thermal Oxidation Unit)
  • AFFF foam is readily available in hose reel form
  • Receiving and storage areas are monitored by infrared cameras to detect any reactions that are causing a container to heat up
  • All receiving trucks are scanned for radiation at the time of weighing, prior to approval through the gate to unload
  • Fire sand is strategically located throughout the plant along with spill kits

We operate mobile equipment to include forklifts, bobcats and yard dogs to transport waste around the plant and to/from 10 day yard, located across the street.  Only drivers that are certified in each of these pieces of equipment are allowed to operate them.

Like Heritage, Rineco is committed to safety.  In October 2016, Rineco completed one year of No Lost Time accidents and continues to increase the count daily.

Customer Service

Waste is normally processed and destroyed within 5-6 days of receipt.  Your liabilities are greatly minimized by our urgent processing philosophy.  This service is unprecedented in our industry.  A Certificate of Disposal is issued once the blending process is complete.  RCRA empty metal containers are processed through our Container Decontamination Unit (CDU).  Once the container is processed, customers receive a Certificate of Recycling for the number of containers and pounds recycled.

Rineco’s empty drum recycling service offers the solution to concerns about empty drum risk and liability.  Through the destruction of chemical residues and the recycling of the decontaminated container, we provide a worry free one-stop source for drum management.  Our drum recycling services are environmentally sound, meeting all local, state and federal regulations.

Each shipment that is scheduled with Rineco will be provided with the manifest, container labels, the Land Disposal Restriction Forms (LDRs), and all applicable placards to place on the transporting trailer, prior to shipment.

We are a turn-key service provider.  Our sales and customer service teams manage all aspects of waste disposal services including profiling, scheduling, shipping document preparation, discrepancy resolution, and invoicing.

We pride ourselves on our safety track record and our superior customer service is the backbone of our company.  Rineco’s customer service department is designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs.  Each customer has a customer service professional dedicated to meeting the needs of their company and we maintain a 5:1 ratio of support professionals to sales staff.

The degree of commitment we bring to every relationship is why our customers trust us to manage their wastes.

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