Responding to Local Community Needs After Hurricane Ida

Posted: 9/10/21

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When Hurricane Ida hit gulf coast last week, houses and buildings were swept away – including our office in Fourchon, Lousiana – and millions were left without power, our Fourchon employees among them. Thankfully our employees and their families are all safe, including those that rode out the storm at their homes, though they did sustain property damages and the loss of all utilities.

As the community deals with the storm damages, Heritage personnel have been busy figuring out how we could help.  It was important that we support those nearby who were hardest hit. So instead of making a simple donation to a national charity, or even delivering supplies to a regional charity, we reached out to the local Sheriff’s Department (located just north of Houma) to find out what was needed and how we could get it into the hands of citizens “where we live and work.”

The effort included employees from Indianapolis and Benton sourcing supplies (6 pallets of water and 6 pallets of other necessities – toilet paper, paper towels, and bleach for cleaning).  Our Louisiana based driver, Craig Friloux, hauled the materials, delivering some to a church in Des Allemands, LA and the rest to the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Department in Thibodaux, LA.  Currently the parish still does not have water or other utilities restored, and the earliest estimate to have power restored is September 29th.

Special thanks to Craig Friloux, Martin Griffiths, Jackie Hamilton, Cindy Besancon, Selina Rivers, and many more for their efforts in getting this supplies to those affected.

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