Responding to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma

Posted: 9/15/17

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Heritage employees from different locations and with different skill sets have made the journey to Houston and south Florida to assist in hurricane relief. Employees from all of our operating units (including environmental, transport, and Rineco) have lent a hand. Benton, Coolidge, Indianapolis, Louisville, St Louis, Toledo, and Tulsa have sent vac truck drivers, field technicians, lab pack chemists, drivers, and managers to pump water, pack laboratories, clean office buildings, and move furniture for families. While these employees have been away from their normal tasks, employees from all locations have pitched in to back fill. As our vac trucks and spill response boats made their way south, they were greeted with thumbs up and waves from passengers in other vehicles. … CLICK HERE to see video of Heritage equipment departing from our facility near Houston, TX late last month.

Are you Prepared?

Contact your account representative to talk about our PERS (Planned Emergency Response Service) and how we can help make sure you are prepared in case of any unexpected event or act of mother nature.

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