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Meet Sergeant Rineco

Posted: 6/26/18

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Benton, AR – Earlier this year, managers from our facility approached the Saline County Sheriff’s Office to inquire how we could make a donation.  Within a few weeks, we were able to present a check to Sheriff Rodney Wright for the purchase and training of a new K-9 dog, Sergeant Rineco.

In May 2018, K-9 handler Corporal Logan Knight and his partner “Rineco” graduated from the Little Rock K-9 Academy.  Sergeant Rineco has been trained and is certified in narcotic detection, tracking, building searches and bite-work apprehension.

Since Sergeant Rineco’s graduation, our employees in Benton have been raising money through a raffle.  Raffle tickets were sold at one dollar each and the winner was given authority to pour a 5 gallon bucket of ice water on the head of a supervisor of their choosing.  We were able to raise $1,000 and this morning, presented Sheriff Wright with a check in that amount.

The money will be specifically used to buy a light-weight level III protective vest which Sergeant Rineco can wear throughout his tour of duty.  The remainder of the money will be used to purchase K-9 training aids.

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