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Posted: 12/6/17

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A Fast and Easy Solution For Your Universal Waste Needs:

Do you need an easy, convenient way to dispose of universal and other common wastes? For many commercial or small industrial companies, knowing if regulations apply, understanding what waste is appropriate for disposal, and finding a trustworthy supplier can be more than scary. Many states have different definitions of universal waste. But for the most part, they are items like batteries and light bulbs which are items found in every business. An easy yet still environmentally friendly way to manage or dispose of items that should not go in the trash is a Mailback program. A Mailback program is a way to purchase containers, pack away waste and mail it out to be taken care of by certified professionals.

What is Mailback?

This is an easy and convenient for individuals or businesses to manage their small-quantity wastes. You can order your size specific containers that are a perfect fit for the waste you currently have or fill it as you go. After ordering, the containers are shipped directly to you, ready to fill. Once you have fully loaded your container, just mail it back and the rest is taken care of.

How Does Mailback Work?

  1. Order: Buy your appropriate sized container that suites your specific needs. Most companies let you pay online to make it easy to get exactly what you need all in one place.
  2. Pack: Safely and securely pack your items into the container. Some companies will include easy to follow instructions to pack your container.
  3. Ship: After you have finished packing your container, it is ready to send back.

Who Can Use Mailback?

Mailback programs make the most sense for businesses who are generating medical waste. Some examples of those companies are: dental and doctor’s offices, pharmacies, tattoo parlors, hospitals and veterinary offices. Mailback programs give these places the opportunity to take care of their pharmaceutical and sharps waste. Expired medications can be taken and disposed of properly without risking them ending up in the wrong hands, or polluting our waterways. Although most users are ones who produce medical waste, there are still many other types of organizations that use a mailback system. A mailback system accepts items like light bulbs and batteries. Being very common items, there are a lot of possibilities for being a good fit for a Mailback program. Any small commercial or industrial business can benefit from this type of program.

Heritage LifeCycle Mailback

At Heritage we offer the LifeCycle Mailback program. You can order and pay for your container in one place on our website. We mail you everything you will need and make it easy to fill it up and send it back. The price for each item is all-inclusive. Along with your container, shipping labels are included with most containers for easy Mailback. Once your LifeCycle items are returned, you will receive a Certificate of Proper Management to ensure that your waste was recycled or handled properly.

Ready to Get Started?

If you feel like the LifeCycle Mailback Program is the right fit for you and your business, it is easy to get started! First visit our Heritage LifeCycle website: and take a look at the containers we have available. If you have some questions before you get started, you can call 1-888-347-7671.


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