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Int’l Women’s Week Spotlight – Sheila Morris

Posted: 3/13/20

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Sheila Morris

Vice President, Customer Experience

When did you start at Heritage (or previously acquired companies) and what was your first position?

1997, Field Chemist

Define a great leader—what are some traits you think great leaders possess?

To me a great leader is a source of inspiration for employees and provides direction with honesty, empathy and integrity.

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

Getting employees to band together in times of major company change, some of which didn’t go as planned. This requires constant reassurance on the vision and reasoning for the change. Taking extra effort to share wins and positives in the face of adversity plus communicating the lessons learned.

Do you have any tips, strategies you’ve employed, or lessons learned throughout your career that you would like to share with aspiring female leaders?

There are always obstacles and they can take many shapes and forms and at the most unexpected times. Follow your intuition and don’t give up in the face of challenge. These experiences are what shapes you as an individual and builds character.

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