International Women’s Week Spotlight – Karrie Humphries

Posted: 3/10/22

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Karrie Humphries
Office Manager

When did you start at Heritage (or previously acquired companies) and what was your first position?

12/2000 I came in as a temp in accounting, then I got hired in May 2001 in billing

Define a great leader—what are some traits you think great leaders possess?

You care about your people, communication, hold people accountable but give praise as well.

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

I had one challenge when I transferred to Sampling and I did not do a good job but I have always had the best people backing me.

Do you have any tips, strategies you’ve employed, or lessons learned throughout your career that you would like to share with aspiring female leaders?

I’ve always been myself no matter what, I have a lot of respect for employees and management but I expect it in return. In my career I have loved learning anything and everything I can and being someone that anyone can come to for help. If you can be part of a team for anything in your company, do it. You will learn so much from others that will help you grow.


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