Importance of Industrial Maintenance

Posted: 4/11/18

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What Is Industrial Maintenance?

Industrial Maintenance is a combination of regular housekeeping, preventative, episodic, and emergency cleaning of equipment and work areas in a manufacturing or other industrial setting. Maintenance personnel are typically responsible for making sure your equipment is functioning properly and efficiently at all times. By keeping equipment properly running, you improve the safe work environment for all personnel. Even though you have Maintenance personnel onsite, at times you may need outside help. For example, once waste will be generated by a maintenance project, it may be time to bring in an Industrial Maintenance Contractor.


What Do Industrial Maintenance Teams Do?
Depending on the company you use, many different tasks can be done. Usually, specialty industrial maintenance includes performing duties in hazardous or unsafe conditions. It may make sense to look for a contractor with specialty safety equipment and even specialized machinery. One thing that an industrial maintenance contractor may be trained to take care of is emergency spill response. In a situation where there may have been an accident, causing waste or other materials to spill, having a safety plan and contractor arrangements in advance are key. A cleanup team will first assess the situation and make sure to stop any further damage from occurring. Another very important job you can have completed is tank cleaning. When a tank has waste or materials in them, they will need to be cleaned periodically in order to comply with OSHA standards. An Industrial cleaner will wash, scrub and sanitize your tanks to ensure they can be used safely moving forward. The cleaning team may also do hydro-blasting, which is a technique that allows them to use high-pressure water to clean hazardous and non-hazardous material from machinery.


Why Is Industrial Cleaning Important?
When your equipment and machinery is clean, it is safer and more efficient. Chemical storage tanks hold all types of materials from acids, caustic, petroleum, food, pharmaceuticals, and even paint. They require cleaning for various reasons including housekeeping, mechanical problems, mixer failure, new chemistry, as well as for inspection. Typically, whenever this time comes around, sludge has accumulated inside the tank and must be removed, by regularly cleaning and inspecting, you can cut down on time spent for unscheduled maintenance and repairs. It will also keep your equipment properly working by reducing wear and tear. Not only does industrial cleaning help your machines, but it helps your personnel. By keeping equipment clean and performing at its best, it will create a safer work environment for your employees who are working with that equipment.


How Can Heritage Help?
When it comes to industrial maintenance, cleaning, and waste removal, trust is not just valued. It is required. From day one Heritage brings world class reliability and consistency to put your mind at ease. You can trust our safety records, with employees that are rigorously trained and retrained several times per year. Heritage industrial maintenance field crews perform this work daily across the country. Our crews have the right knowledge and training to safely enter, remove any remaining material, and clean your tanks and equipment to whatever level is required. No matter what material you’re dealing with, we can help:

  • Vacuum services-DOT spec high velocity vacuum trucks
  • Hydro-excavation
  • Confined space entry/rescue
  • Hazardous/non-hazardous chemical removal
  • Pressure washing
  • Hydro-blasting
  • CO2 ice blasting
  • Soda blasting
  • Pit, pond & lagoon clean out
  • Tank cleaning
  • Paint booth cleaning
  • Building decontamination & decommissioning
  • Onsite dewatering
  • Emergency spill response, (USCG OPA/OSRO contractor)
  • Container rental

 Contact us today and we will work towards a plan that can take care of your cleaning needs, large or small.


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