Our legacy of environmental leadership was founded on the precipice of the environmental movement in the 1970s, and since our inception we’ve been solving complex problems in the name of a safer world.

Our pursuit of protecting human health and the environment began before there were regulations to tell us to do so. We are proud of our legacy that spans more than 50 years and invite you to learn more about our beginnings and landmark events that have shaped the organization you see today.

  • 1970

    Asphalt Ready Mix developed

    A business unit is created to house a new process to take cutting oils and coolants from a local manufacturer and recover the oil as fuel to power their asphalt hot mix plants.
    Formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    Clean Air Act of 1970

  • 1972

    Industrial Liquid Waste Disposal Company established

    An additional treatment process was implemented in Columbus, IN to address the contaminated water from cutting oil and coolant recovery, which led to the formation of Industrial Liquid Waste Disposal Company.
    Clean Water Act

  • 1978

    Indiana Liquid Waste and Disposal Company renamed ILWD

    The company is renamed and opens a new plant on the west side of Indianapolis, IN, relocating from Columbus, IN.

  • 1980

    New hazardous waste landfill sited in Putnam County, Indiana

    The EPA published the regulations associated with RCRA which became effective on November 19, 1980.

  • 1981

    Process Engineering Group formed


  • 1983

    Indiana Liquid Transport (ILT) acquired

    ILT was acquired to improve the synergies of transporting waste to and from the plant.

  • 1985

    ILT becomes Heritage Transport

    The United States Federal Superfund law is officially known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, or CERCLA was passed, designed to investigate and clean-up sites contaminated with hazardous substances.

  • 1986

    ILWD becomes Heritage Environmental Services in recognition of its broader service offerings

    Our Roachdale, IN facility becomes the first RCRA Hazardous Waste Part B permitted landfill in the United States.
    Kansas City, MO plant constructed and obtains Interim RCRA Status.

  • 1988

    Heritage Crystal Clean developed

    Heritage Research Group created a reuse option for spent parts washer fluids, later called Heritage Crystal Clean.
    Acquired 100% stock ownership of Petrochem.
    Merged Process Engineering Group and Petrochem to form Heritage Remediation/Engineering.

  • 1994

    All companies consolidated under Heritage Environmental Services, Inc.


  • 1995

    Micronutrients established

    The Micronutrients Copper etchant recycling semi-works plant operations leads to a new $4
    million copper plant being built.

  • 1998

    80-acre site purchased in Coolidge, AZ

    This expanded Heritage’s TSD footprint to the southwestern US.

  • 2000

    Heritage Interactive Services formed

    Began by-product management operations, later known as Heritage Interactive Services.

  • 2005

    Acquired complete ownership of WTI

    Purchased an incinerator from (VonRoll America) in East Liverpool, OH (later to become Heritage Thermal Services).

  • 2007

    Crystal Clean is spun off as a public entity (NASDAQ: HCCI)


  • 2010

    Supported a major oil spill cleanup

    Heritage was the primary waste contractor for a large oil release in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • 2012

    Acquired Solid Oak

    Solid Oak added water transfer services to our portfolio.

  • 2016

    Micronutrients is sold into the animal feed market space


  • 2017

    Acquired Rineco Chemical Industries

    Located in Benton, AR, this acquisition added fuels blending to our services.

  • 2020

    Acquired Incinerator in Orange, TX

    Heritage Thermal Services expands to Texas with the purchase of an incinerator in Orange, TX.

  • 2021

    Heritage Sustainability Investments, LLC, a sister company to HES

    Made an investment in ClimeCo, a respected advisor, transaction facilitator, and trader of environmental commodity market products, specializing in regulated carbon, regional criteria pollutant trading programs, voluntary markets, sustainability, plastic credits, and project development and financing of GHG abatement and mitigation systems. Acquired controlling interest in Retriev Technologies, a leading North American electric vehicle battery recycling company.