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Heritage and Fielding partner to purchase Reclamation Technologies Inc. and accelerate growth strategies

Posted: 7/7/21

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INDIANAPOLIS, July 7, 2021 – Heritage Environmental Services, Inc. (Heritage), a leader in environmental and sustainability services, and Fielding Environmental (Fielding), a leader in resource recovery, have partnered to acquire Reclamation Technologies, Inc. (RTI) in Blaine, Minnesota.

RTI is an EPA-certified refrigerant reclamation company serving customers in the Midwest and Texas. They provide on-site services and have the capability to separate mixed gases. One of the main benefits of refrigerant reclamation is to give building owners and HVAC/R contractors a safe and affordable solution to manage refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer and contribute to global warning.  Reusing these materials also reduces consumption of non-renewable resources needed to make virgin refrigerants.

“The acquisition supports the expansion of Heritage’s service offerings in the refrigerants business, growing its platform beyond leadership in the Ozone Depleting Substances business. Heritage will now be able to offer its global customers a complete solution for the highest and best use of used refrigerant gases in partnership with another multi-generational circular economy-focused family business based in Canada,” said Jeff Laborsky, CEO of Heritage. “We’re excited to continue our purpose to protect human health and the environment and also prevent greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere.“

“Everything came together in a perfect way.  I can’t think of a better partnership to service this space.  Together, Heritage and Fielding have the resources and experience to be the North American leader in refrigerant management services – whether gas requires reclamation, separation, or destruction, we have the solutions for our customers.  When the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act was announced we knew the timing for a partnership was right, and when we visited RTI we knew the acquisition was right.  I am very excited about our team and all we are going to do together,” said Katelyn Imrie, Executive Vice President of Fielding.

About Heritage Environmental Services

Heritage Environmental Services is a privately held, family-owned environmental services business with more than 1,600 employees across North and Central America. The company provides a full suite of tailored solutions from emergency response, waste disposal, and sustainability services to on-site support and technical solutions to thousands of customers in hundreds of industries and verticals. Throughout its 50-year history, Heritage Environmental Services has prioritized the safety of its employees while pursuing its purpose of protecting human health and the environment.

About Fielding Environmental

Fielding is an award winning cleantech company with over 65 years’ experience in resource recovery.  Fielding serves a wide variety of businesses to create high quality products from chemical waste that are distributed worldwide.  For over 25 years Fielding has been a Canadian leader in the collection and reclamation of refrigerants, they offer their customers a full product line of both reclaimed and virgin product options.  Fielding is committed to helping their customer’s save money while improving their environmental stewardship programs The Right Way ™.

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