Heritage Aids in Kentucky Tornado Cleanup

Posted: 2/16/22

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On December 10th, 2021, a storm originating in Arkansas developed into a tornado that touched down in Missouri and Tennessee, gaining strength as it moved into Kentucky. It traveled 165 miles and caused 77 deaths in Kentucky, in addition to damaging several towns across the three states.

Assistance with the cleanup efforts was needed, and they had a tight turnaround – they wanted to get any hazardous material cleaned up and shipped out in under a week. Heritage was selected to safely transport any hazardous material out of the Mayfield, KY area. With no time to waste, our Louisville Tech Services division collaborated with our transportation division in Indianapolis to send both personnel and trucks to transport the waste. CNC Inc collected the hazardous material throughout the county and stored it in a safe location until our personnel arrived, and loaded it onto our vehicles for safe transportation to one of our facilities for processing. All efforts were overseen by EPA Region IV.  Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, the job was completed safely, compliantly, and within the timeframe.

“After a major catastrophe such as this one, its nice to see people work together to deliver a common goal. Everyone worked together for the benefit of the environment and the people of Maysville, KY”

– Kyle Turner, Heritage Tech Services, Louisville


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