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Going Digital

Posted: 7/13/18

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Going digital can save you time, improve visibility and help you stay up to date. Heritage has developed a tool to help meet the needs of customers by putting data at their fingertips. The Heritage Environmental Informational System (EIS) offers complete transparency into exactly when and where your waste is in its process. For Heritage customers they have the ability to view everything, down to the smallest detail.

Save Time
Is it important to get your information in a quick and timely manner? With an electronic system, you have the opportunity to view your paperwork via the computer, rather than waiting for documents to be sent through the mail. The Heritage EIS system can expedite many processes, including:

  • Completing, filing and updating documents
  • Finding a manifest copy
  • Downloading a copy of an invoice
  • Placing an order
  • Electronic profiling
  • Viewing your pricing
  • Running a shipping history (Biennial) report

All the features of EIS are faster than requesting the information from your Account Coordinator or Corporate Account Coordinator. The time it takes for you to utilize these features in EIS is much faster and you can access this information immediately, rather than waiting for your Heritage AC/CAC to do the same and respond via email.

Improve Visibility
As a customer, you want to access your information and paperwork whenever you need it. With an electronic system, you have the ability to search for every document the supplier you work with has on file easily. If you need to access a certain document, or print off copies of documents, you are able to do so without having to contact someone. It gives you an easy and in-depth view into all your information. With Heritage’s EIS system, you have the power to view your data wherever and whenever you need it.

Stay Up To Date
When a supplier offers an electronic system, it gives you the power to customize your account preferences. You can go in and adjust account settings to control the email updates you receive, mailing lists or other informational messages. This keeps you included in any important information that may affect new programs, rules, regulations or other things that can change the way you operate. EIS eases the access by message subscriptions, so you can adjust your account settings to opt into automated emails. This would include getting manifest copies, invoice copies, route notification emails, recertification notifications and electronic statements. Subscribing to these messages allows the emails to come to you automatically with attachments or links that take you directly into EIS. Specifically, the manifests and invoice messages save you time from having to go into EIS and search for those documents. They are emailed directly once those items are available.

Ready To Get Started?

If you are interested in the benefits of going digital, contact us today and let our team show you the benefits of EIS.

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