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Field Chemist Training

Posted: 12/10/21

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Field chemists are an important part of our onsite services team, responsible for identifying, packing, and transporting hazardous and nonhazardous chemicals and waste from customer sites. Being able to correctly identify materials and know how to safely handle and pack them for transportation is crucial. Beyond the scientific knowledge needed for this job, we like to ensure our employees know what to expect when visiting customer sites – a lab setting will differ from a manufacturing facility or a warehouse.

As a part of one of our core values, the Freedom to Learn and Grow, we cover all of this in our field chemist trainings, which are held a few times a year. During these trainings, Heritage welcomes new field chemists from service centers from all over the country. Over the course of a week, we cover a broad scope of topics, including Safety, Chemistry, RCRA and DOT law etc. along with all things a chemist will encounter while in the field. This is a great first step in building a foundation of knowledge for new employees that supports another core value at Heritage, Safe and Compliant or Not At All. Due to the comprehensive nature of these trainings, we often have members from our Customer Service, Interactive, and Field Services teams join as well.

Our most recent training was held last month at The Center in Indianapolis, and it was a great opportunity for our existing employees to better understand our field chemist services, for our new field chemists to get a thorough training on the fundamentals of their job. They were able to network, engage, and learn from the other people in similar roles across the country.


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