Case Study

US Consulting Firm

The Challenge

The customer needed to clear a site located in New England and was working on a remediation plan to deal with heavily-regulated PCB waste in soil. They needed an expert partner to help them navigate the tricky cleanup that didn’t cause delays in the project.


  • Heritage brought in the experts who were already well-versed in the right regulatory codes and definitions, in this case 40 CFR 761.61.
  • We reviewed the draft work plan and suggested some language changes.
  • The proposed changes allowed the client to explore all their disposal options to deal with the contaminated soil.


Before the project started, Heritage suggested pre-excavation sampling and testing to get ahead of the approval process. A careful profiling exercise meant disposal approval well in advance of commencement. Free to perform the work, Heritage managed the project to completion without any disruptions.


  • The quick approvals and smooth project management that Heritage provided saved an estimated 15 to 20 working days, almost an entire calendar month, for the customer.
  • 15,000 tons of PCB remediation waste was removed from the site without incident.
  • 20 Working days saved on the job site

  • 15,000 Tons of PCB waste soil removed