Case Study

Agriculture & Specialty Chemical Manufacturer

The Challenge

This major chemical company’s production of several highly reactive bulk waste byproducts required critical intervention.


Through joint communications in operations and customer service, Heritage has supported this company throughout the years by improving process times and added capacity, alleviating concern surrounding production bottlenecks.

In addition, this company’s production of several highly reactive bulk wastestream byproducts requires critical health and safety communications between our companies.  We have shared best practices, installated safety protocols, specialty equipment and held joint training exercises.


For more than 18 years Heritage has filled the demand for processing a large portion of their byproducts, equating to operational efficiencies on the customer’s end.  The customer knows they can rely on our services while they focus on their core business processes.

Through the collaboration of environmental, operations, compliance, and health and safety departments and personnel, Heritage developed a program that not only maximizes the efficient coordination of returned goods, but also plays a major role in environmental and product stewardship.


With the collaboration of our engineering, safety, and operations personnel, we were able to develop a safe alternative to current practices involving the handling of low conductivity waste material. We worked to preserve the safety of their employees through the utilization of engineering controls. We also improved customer relations while learning practical and proven fire mitigation training techniques. Heritage provided this company “peace of mind” that their waste was being properly handled according to international environment, health and safety, and Responsible Care standards.

  • 18+ years Successful collaboration in health, safety and environmental compliance