Case Study

Oil & Gas Company

The Challenge

At the end of 2016, Rineco (A Heritage Company) was asked to do a massive cleanout of old material from 100 locations across the US for an oil and gas company.


Working on very tight deadlines, Rineco was able to meet our customers goal of getting all of the 100 sites picked up and serviced in a three-month time frame.


Rineco was also able to track all 5 million pounds of material from the project and offer the customer customized reports showing the spend as well as documenting the amount of waste that was shipped and disposed of properly.


Despite the massive amount of paperwork and shipments that had to be coordinated in such a short time frame, Rineco rose to the occasion and exceeded our customers expectations — making the project a huge success for both companies.

  • 90 Days

  • 100 Locations

  • Zero Safety incidents