Case Study

Nationwide Passenger Airline

The Challenge

20 years ago, a leading airline engaged Heritage to help find real solutions to their waste management problems. This airline was seeking a partner who could provide the same high levels of service to their outlying, smaller facilities, as was given to their largest facilities. The airline was also in need of a partner with a superior emergency response service, so they never needed to worry about response time should a catastrophic event occur. Heritage took on this challenge and has been helping the airline ever since, tackling new problems as they arise and offering customized services for waste transportation and disposal management.


Heritage partnered with this airline and streamlined waste management communication across their 100 sites to better uncover areas for improvement. We also offered transparency of records, documentation so they always knew where their waste was in the transportation, and disposal process. Furthermore, Heritage offers this airline the opportunity to become more visible of waste management innovations and compliance regulations at our RCRA/DOT training sessions, which are offered to all sites and employees. This dedication to transparency is emphasized heavily on every site, large and small.


By refining communication across the company’s many sites, Heritage was able to position one single point of contact across all locations, uniting small and large sites and creating cohesion. We have also developed several customized solutions to this airline’s unique waste challenges, offering one-on-one regulatory compliance services to the airline’s smaller sites (which do not staff environmental professionals) and providing an Environmental Assistance Program to the locations that require them. By specifically tailoring these solutions to meet the airline’s unique needs, Heritage has been a trusted partner for two decades and counting.


Since the very first meeting, Heritage has impacted the company significantly, by bettering their waste transportation and disposal processes. Heritage has been named Supplier of the Year, helped the company streamline their compliance, and improve sustainability.

Thanks to Heritage, this airline has not received a single Notice of Violation in the past two years.


“Heritage Environmental Services has been a true partner with my company for over 20 years. I rely on them extensively to provide a variety of environmental related services, the most important of which is transportation and disposal of hazardous waste. As anyone in the compliance business knows, timely and accurate information is critical to complete reports, especially environmental reports. Heritage provides superior support to me and insures I am provided with the necessary information to meet all deadlines. In my opinion, their customer service and attention to our needs has been a key factor in the successful partnership between our two companies. Due to the exceptional service provided we will continue to partner with Heritage Environmental Services for years to come.”

– Senior Environmental Engineer

  • 100 Sites across the nation

  • 20 Years of partnership with Heritage

  • Zero Notices of Violation in the past two years