Case Study

Leading Manufacturer Of Aerospace Equipment

The Challenge

In the late 1990’s, then RCI was approached to provide safe, compliant, and cost effective waste management solutions for this aerospace organization. The scope of services had the potential to cover their largest assembly plants to smaller support locations. They required consistent pricing, responsiveness, and service level regardless of size or location. Only approved disposal methods were to be utilized, and eventually 6 locations adopted a ‘No Landfill’ position. Eventually, suppliers were required to include price codes on every invoice line item, similar to catalog pricing, for ease in billing approvals.


Rineco engaged in assessments at all facilities regardless of size or location to determine specific challenges and waste needs. Rineco engaged IT and systems management to increase capabilities in providing pricing and customer disposal preferences consistent to all sites thru programming modifications.


As business grew and the customer data platforms evolved in their own systems, we were positioned to update ours as well to keep up with additional customer requirements. We improved track ability and reporting aspects that went beyond even what the customer requested.


This partnership has been enjoyed for over 20 years on a nationwide basis.  Solutions provided are now offered to other customers, increasing visibility into their own company. In 2016 we achieved a Customer Service Rating of 5 (perfect score), which has never been attained before, by any supplier. Named a ‘Key Supplier’ in 2017.

  • 20+ Years of partnership with Rineco (a Heritage Company)

  • 2016 Achieved perfect score for customer service

  • 2017 Named a ‘Key Supplier’