Case Study

Large Carpet Manufacturer

The Challenge

This carpet manufacturer was seeking a partner who could provide exceptional service to all of their many facilities (40) throughout the country.  This company wanted a single point of contact and they wanted one set of profiles to be used at all of their facilities.  They wanted reporting capabilities, easy scheduling, and secure individual site access plus overall corporate access to their data.


By working with this company to develop standardized profiles for all their sites, we ensured that all waste from their sites was uniform.  We used our online information system to provide monthly online scheduling.  Our online system was able to give corporate the capability to monitor all the waste pickups at each of the sites.  Now running their shipment reports is very easy.


Heritage was able to position one single point of contact across all locations, thereby making it easy for the various facilities to be in compliance.  Since all the waste profiles are identical, it makes the corporate environmental job easier.  Our online data system provides all the information (manifests, shipment reports, schedules) at a click of a button.


Since implementing our standard profile and monthly pickup, we have improved their waste transportation and disposal processes.  Our online system has helped the small and large sites work as one company.  It has lessened the work load for both the plant personnel and the corporate environmental managers.

  • 40 Facilities in the US

  • One Single Point of Contact

  • One Consistent waste profiles across all sites