Case Study

Big 3 Automotive

The Challenge

A global auto manufacturer had a vision of reducing their global waste to landfill by 40% per vehicle from 2011 – 2016.  To do this, the company wanted to increase the number of Zero-Waste-to-Landfill (ZWTL) plants.


Heritage currently provides this customer 6 Total Waste Managers at various locations and another 23 onsite resource employees. From the personal touch provided by these employees to the systems tracking and metrics, Heritage can see our customer’s vision becoming a reality.


Beyond industrial services, Heritage is providing:

  • Emergency response
  • Trash pickup
  • Scrap metal program
  • Asbestos survey and abatement


We’ve taken 23 locations to ZWTL out of the 37 total North American locations.

  • 23 out of 37 US sites achieved ZWTL to date

  • 40% Global goal for landfill reduction