Case Study

An American Worldwide Consumer Products Company

The Challenge

A national healthcare distributor was facing increased waste transportation costs and disrupted waste disposal services. Starting with one facility in Ohio, Heritage has decreased the amount of waste sent to landfill each year, as well as decreased the amount of money this company was spending on waste removal.


Each of this company’s sites had their own waste management processes, creating communications, and financial problems. Heritage offered clear visibility into waste management solutions for each facility, while providing transparent reporting and documentation into their current waste challenges.


Heritage implemented better processes for scheduling transport of goods, as well as saved 17,000 tons of waste from going to landfill. Cost reductions were also spotted after two years of adapting the methods Heritage laid out.


The adaptable approach we took in this one facility in Ohio has impacted the facility tremendously, leading to new opportunities to help this national distributor continue to improve their byproduct management.

  • 17,000 Tons of waste water/surfactant saved from landfill

  • Zero Tons of surfactant sent to landfill in 15 months