Case Study

American Auto Parts Retailer

The Challenge

A geographically dispersed 5,300+ auto parts retailer was looking to drive environmental adherence and compliance. Heritage sought to create a waste management process that was simple to maintain, yet extremely effective.


Heritage provided the visibility needed to ensure the correct training measures were in place, in order to help this retailer roll out one seamless waste management plan. Heritage also offered complete transparency of documentation, keeping all sites in compliance and equipped for internal or external audits.


Heritage partnered with this national retailer to create a customized waste management process that was simplistic enough to run autonomously, while still remaining responsive to one-off situations. A national “milk run” program was also initiated, to support the proper transport and disposal of waste at all of this retailer’s locations across the country.


From offering better visibility into where their waste is going and providing specialized, yet simplistic solutions to waste management, Heritage has aided this auto parts retailer in safely disposing of waste that is unable to be reused or repurposed.

“Heritage isn’t my vendor, they’re my partner; ensuring that we have the correct training and services to exceed compliance throughout the United States. The entire team, from packers and drivers, to customer and account services, work with my company to provide us the tools and resources we need, sometimes even when we don’t know we need them!”

Environmental Compliance Specialist American Auto Parts Retailer