Case Study

America Avionics and Information Technology Company

The Challenge

More than 10 years ago, a large national aerospace company met Heritage at an environmental conference. It was quickly determined that there was an extremely good fit between the companies. The aerospace manufacturer was in need of an experienced environmental partner who could provide outstanding service to every one of their facilities across the U.S. To date, Heritage continues to provide customized waste disposal services and environmental projects to each of their locations throughout the country.


Heritage immediately offered a single point of contact in the way of customer service. We also provided a local sales representative to help assist at each customer location. Overall, corporate decisions and dialogue are handled by a dedicated corporate account manager. This team approach has kept the customer’s needs in focus and has streamlined their current environmental program. We have been told that is easier to do business with a dedicated group rather than a vast network of different people. Heritage was also able to provide an online database to this customer known as our Environmental Information System (EIS) which allows vital record sharing and downloads to the generator/customer. This particular customer has also been able to stay current with environmental regulations via Heritage’s RCRA and DOT Training at many of their site locations.


By streamlining communications and developing a high level of trust, this multinational avionics and information technology systems manufacturer has enlisted the help of Heritage for special events and projects. This is in addition to this company’s ongoing routine waste needs. A number of the aerospace facilities have been decontaminated and cleaned by Heritage prior to the building demolition and closure work. We have also been able to provide dedicated crews for lab pack disposal clean-outs at many of their locations.


From our initial meeting, Heritage has been able to provide a more customized transportation and waste disposal program for this particular customer. Whether it has been through improved customer service communications, or unique problem solving ideas, Heritage continues to remain the preferred environmental contractor for this aerospace manufacturer.

  • 1 Single point of contact

  • 10 Year trusting relationship

  • 11 Service offerings provided