Case Study

Allied Chemical Batching Industry

The Challenge

A nationwide chemicals company was having difficulty with hitting wastestream logistics windows, with suppliers that were unreliable. Adding to the frustration were freight charges for long hauls across the country.

Despite repeated efforts to source a solution, it looked like everyone’s price and reliability were the same, until Heritage stepped in.


Heritage helped executives understand their logistics chain, identifying the proper facilities to deal with their wastestream that were closer to the East Coast, cutting 24 to 48 hours off of the journey to incinerator. The company also received all of the online data tracking tools they needed to be able to see exactly where and when their waste was going.


Our experts also identified one area of the operation where solid waste was causing residue buildup in their process, slowing down production, and causing temperature issues as it overheated things. Heritage helped find ways to remove those solids for faster flow and a better production schedule.


Today, Heritage is hitting those tight delivery and pickup windows regularly. We’ve created significant cost savings in disposal and freight while helping clear the solids issue in production. The result is a better waste management solution at a lower price.

  • Improved productivity Waste solution impacts production schedule

  • 24-48 hours Cut from waste travel time