Case Study

A Regional Pesticide Manufacturer

The Challenge

A regional pesticide manufacturer was issued a UAO (Unilateral Administrative Order) by the U.S. EPA. The terms of this order required the facility owners to sample, characterize, transport, and dispose of over a million pounds of off-spec pesticide products within a 90-day period or face significant fines and or jail time.


Heritage data tracking and communication with the customer and the enforcement agency played a vital role in completing this project in accordance with the UAO.


After meeting with the facility owners and reviewing the UAO, Heritage assigned a Project Manager to oversee all the tasks required to comply with the comprehensive order. A plan was developed utilizing Heritage personnel to segregate, sample, and repackage the materials in preparation for safe transport. Heritage personnel used internal laboratories to analyze 100’s of samples, set up numerous profiles to transport the off-spec products to multiple Heritage treatment and disposal facilities.


The U.S. EPA was very pleased with our efforts, which were documented daily by their onsite personnel. In fact, they espressed that had the owners decided to select multiple environmental contractors, they would never have met the compressed timeline of the UAO. The facility owners avoided potential jail time, multiple fines, severe penalties, and saved thousands of dollars utilizing a sole source vendor. And they continue to be a loyal customer today.

  • 90 Days Regulatory UAO corrections due

  • Fines Avoided Quick efficient work gets the job done