Case Study

A Product Recall Company

The Challenge

A global service company specializing in brand protection and regulated product returns or recalls needed a company they could partner with to manage RCRA hazardous waste requiring witness destruction. They needed quick turn around on treatment options and cost for the numerous events they quote to clients’ weekly, and consistent support when scheduling pickups for the waste.


Heritage has simplified the witness process for many of their clients requiring witness destruction by offering varying levels of witness destruction to meet their individual client’s needs. From witnessing receipt of product only, to onsite witnessing of the full destruction process, to remote witness of destruction via a live web feed from cameras placed along every step of the process. We have this customer covered for any level of service needed.


The unique industry of product returns and recalls demands continual waste characterizations and detailed reviews of shipping paperwork for each individual event. Heritage’s highly technical staff has removed some of the time-consuming burden of preparing uniform hazardous waste manifest and shipping labels for this customer. Since the DOT descriptions and RCRA codes their wastestreams carry can change with every load, this was quite a cumbersome process for them. Now all they have to do is send over a quick email and we take care of the rest.


By offering more options for controlled product destruction, single points of contact for time sensitive requests, and competitive pricing, we were able to make a significant impact on this company’s waste disposal program.

  • Brand Protection Witness burns for every level of need

  • Time Sensitive Processes to provide service at the speed needed

  • Cost Management Visibility into recurring and differing needs makes way for efficiencies