Case Study

A Multi-National Oil & Gas Company

The Challenge

When emergencies happen, Heritage is right there working on the right solutions, quickly and safely. During a massive oil spill in 2010, Heritage partnered with a major oil & gas company to help establish shoreline operations to cleanup the damage using smart tactics and best practices.


Heritage provided clear visibility during this crisis by setting up shoreline operations with over 400 personnel to manage waste collection. We offered transparent solutions and strong communication to ensure this job was completed efficiently and correctly.


Heritage offered the best safety solutions for this situation and we were the last contractors to leave the project site. Our ability to not only create a plan of attack, but also to manage and successfully launch this plan brought Heritage to the forefront of fixing this environmental disaster.


Heritage offered a tremendous impact during this hazardous waste spill. We managed a fleet of over 800 intermodal roll-offs, managed millions of gallons of oil, and worked seamlessly as a team so our customer could concentrate on other aspects of this oil spill, knowing we would not rest until this cleanup operation was successful.

  • 20 Shoreline operations established

  • 400 Heritage employees managing waste collection & disposal

  • 800 Intermodal roll-offs managed