Case Study

A Major American Steel Manufacturer

The Challenge

This major steel manufacturer needed support in many aspects of their environmental program to safely and efficiently handle multiple wastestreams. The needs ranged from industrial cleaning solutions to transportation and disposal, but what was really needed was control over the entire program, start to finish.


Heritage went to work by establishing better insight into their various wastestreams with sampling and analytics to show where gains could be made. Next, we set up tracking tools to highlight new data for better waste determinations in the future.


We implemented a Heritage Environmental Assistance Program (EAP) to ensure full-time compliance. With Heritage personnel onsite to guide the process, we continue to troubleshoot any problems along the way. We uncovered freight cost savings for an incineration project to help save money, and the Heritage Research Group analyzed various wastestreams, finding a byproduct that could be recycled.


Heritage has saved this customer money by managing their wastestreams, created a new byproduct revenue stream, and continue to help assure they are compliant with environmental regulations.

  • Insight from start to finish creates sustainable improvements and cost efficiencies.