Case Study

A Leading Lightweight Metals Technology Company

The Challenge

This lightweight metals technology and manufacturing company needed to find options for reducing waste going into landfill.


Heritage presented this company with better visibility into their wastestream, allowing them to understand the solutions available to decrease the amount of filtercake and refractory brick being sent to landfill.


By partnering with Heritage, this company has been able to take the steps required to move closer to zero landfill status. In 2012, Heritage established a waste sorting area at their facility, which allows them to better identify reusable waste, and as a result, decreases the amount sent to landfill.


This lightweight metals technology company is now on the path to achieving zero landfill and has cut back on the waste sent to landfill by 70% since Heritage came on board. Through achieving better visibility of waste, service options, and finding customized solutions, Heritage has successfully helped this company improve their environmental reputation.

  • 10 Years of partnership with Heritage

  • 70% Reduction of waste sent to landfill