Case Study

A Global Oil & Gas Company

The Challenge

For decades, a large oil and gas company in the United States had successfully managed its waste, but a regulatory change meant a big shakeup, as a part of their wastestream was no longer allowed to be put into landfill.

Money was tied up in other capital projects, so they needed a solution that was cost-effective and future-proofed their compliance.


Heritage jumped in to find and present all the options. With regulatory deadlines looming, we were able to gain deep insight into the problem while limiting the research phase by relying on the deep expertise within the Heritage organization using an all-hands approach.


The Heritage Research Group devised an out-of the box solution. Seeing the way the entire market was responding to the new regulations, they designed an asset that could be fully built, paid for and operated by Heritage, not the customer. The project would create new jobs to manage it, and Heritage– with its expertise and compliance record– would ensure it met the new standards.


That system, built nearly 30 years ago, still operates today, fully compliant. Best of all, the customer was able to keep the capital expense off of the balance sheet and rely on Heritage for the right solution that just keeps working.

  • 30 years later Heritage has resolved a regulatory issue with an onsite solution.