Case Study

A Global Medical Device Manufacturer

The Challenge

When this company acquired a complementary medical device manufacturer who already partnered with Heritage, we knew we had to demonstrate our value to gain the attention of the new parent company.


In a short period of time, we were able to increase visibility to the entire new organization with a competitive service offering, access to online documentation/reporting, onsite training, and support with highly visible staff.


Our dedication to value and finding the right solutions for every facility helped us quickly prove ourselves and convert many of this company’s facilities. We showcased our sustainability initiatives, including flexibility, cost-savings, and custom waste management programs. One custom program included working closely with the company’s team to design and build a mobile app that is key to the efficient delivery of the service. We were recognized with a top vendor award for our collaboration and creative solution.


Our quick work with several of the new facilities impacted the bottom line with timely cost savings. Additionally the custom sustainability program we helped them to develop allows them to expand their business by offering a greener solution to their customers.

  • Top Vendor Award For performance and service

  • Custom Mobile App Created to collect data and report completed services

  • Best Practices Shared An acquired company’s custom program is expanded to improve sustainability across the U.S.