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Behind the Wheel – Driving for Heritage

Posted: 9/14/21

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One of the unique things about Heritage is that we have the means to transport, treat, and dispose of waste properly. One of these key elements being transportation. What’s it like to drive for Heritage? We discuss our investments in technology, and share some insight from several of our employees into their experience behind the wheel with Heritage.

Safety First

Just like every other aspect of our business, our first priority with our transportation division is safety.  Our drivers know it too.  Jerod Sutton, who’s been driving with Heritage for 2 years, says “that’s the big thing I love about this company, we’re big on safety, we don’t want anybody to get hurt, and we want everyone to go home to their families.” That’s why we’ve invested in technology to maintain efficiency while improving safety, and not for just the drive, but the whole road experience.  Here are a few of the recent upgrades we’ve invested in:

  • Front-view video technology
    • Video that is triggered by unusual driving actions is reviewed to help improve driving skills and reduce the potential of being involved in a collision.
    • Many drivers have been exonerated against claims due to the presence of video.
    • Safe driving performance is recognized for incentive considerations.
  • Adaptive cruise control
    • Keeps our following distance automatically to a safe distance.
  • Lane departure warning
    • Alerts the driver audibly and visually when crossing a line on the road without their turn signal on.
  • Battery APU (auxiliary power unit)
    • Allows our drivers to run the AC, TV, refrigerator, and other household appliances without idling the engine.
      • Saves on fuel and maintenance expense to the engine.
    • Shore power and power invertor
      • Allows the driver to plug their truck into the power grid and run their AC, TV, refrigerator, etc.

What Our Drivers Have to Say

When he started, Jerod Sutton was working with our special projects team driving freight truck roll offs.  He then moved into the rail division before landing his current role, which is his favorite so far.  “In the rail division, we ran daycabs and stayed in hotels, but now [with the sleeper cab] I can pull off anywhere I want for the most part and have everything I need. It’s essentially a second home. I’m on the road for a couple days, come home for a night or two before going back out. I get my weekends off for the most part.”

Jerod has been with Heritage for 2 years, but he’s known about Heritage for a while. “My wife has been working in the billing department for the past five years. She loves what she does and she’s great at it.” His dad also used to drive for Heritage. “It’s kind of been a family thing for me, I knew I’ve wanted to work here for a long time, just because I knew that they were a good company, they pay well, they take care of their drivers – this is definitely a lifer company for sure.”

After 6 years with Heritage, George Fuller still has no problem getting out of bed and coming to work. He started off driving busses and vans, then he got his CDL.  “When I started for Heritage, I was driving fuel for another company, and someone recommended Heritage, which I hadn’t heard of before.  But when I read the website and saw all the different trucks they had – the end dumps, driving the quad dump truck, and tankers – you’ve got everything in one, and I really liked seeing that.” Even though George didn’t have a lot of prior experience with many of the trucks at Heritage, it wasn’t a problem. “Once I got hired, the only thing I had known how to do previously was the vans, so they showed me everything, which I loved. That’s why I get up every morning because it’s great, I enjoy the guys I work with, the management is great. I love it.”

Part of the excitement of being a truck driver is going to new places, but for some that can get nerve wracking if it’s a new facility you haven’t been to yet. One of the best things about Heritage for George is the team he works with, where everyone is always willing to help each other out. “That’s the awesome part – it doesn’t matter where I am, if I have a problem, I can call one of these guys. You don’t have be nervous about going somewhere you’ve never been or don’t know anything about because somebody’s probably been there, and if they haven’t, they’ve been somewhere like it because there’s guys that have a lot of experience around here and they’ll walk you through it.”

Interested in driving for Heritage? Check out our open positions and apply today!

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