How We Do It

For Individual Labs and/or Site Cleanup Projects

  • On-Site Consultation

    Our highly trained personnel will meet you on-site to handle all your waste materials. They’ll even be able to help you identify any unknown chemicals so you can be confident that you’re disposing of everything in the correct ways.

  • We Provide Packing Materials

    We supply all the packing materials, labels, and paperwork needed to ensure regulatory compliance, with no need for you to collect or provide any additional supplies.

  • We Haul Everything Away For You

    One call, one appointment, no more waste products. Best of all, you get the comfort of knowing that everything we remove is disposed of properly—either treated, incinerated, or sent to fuels blending by the experts at Heritage.

Our Impact

One call, and you can get all your waste removed by fully trained, college-degreed experts who know exactly what to do with it and where it needs to go.

Universities, labs, research facilities, heavy industry, and even small businesses have the occasional need to identify, DOT/RCRA segregate, pack and dispose of various chemicals from small containers. That’s where Heritage Technical Services (The lab pack group) step in.

Our Commitment

You’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with and exactly where it’s going, all according to regulation.

You make the call, we do the rest. Our experienced and professional chemists are available when you need them. We make it easy. Save time. Call Heritage.

Lab Packing

Have the confidence that your waste is managed compliantly.

Everything is disposed properly — either treated, incinerated or sent to fuels blending by the experts at Heritage.

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lab packing employee
lab packing employee
lab packing employee
lab packing employee